Meet Kevin Cottrell

I am a life-long serial entrepreneur originally from Silicon Valley.  My passion around health, wellness and longevity came after surviving a two decade long journey involving massive business travel and horrendous work schedule and more than 8 start ups.

Things came to a head in 2006 when I was diagnosed with Melanoma and had to undergo aggressive emergency treatment.  Fortunately, years later,  I came out the other side stronger and much wiser about how much of the culture in business and society today is completely counter to a healthy life and longevity.  The days of feeling like sleep was for the weak and I had no part to play in my health and wellness were over.  I dug in deep and learned as much as I could and my journey took me into the world of Paleo.

I immersed myself into Paleo and its large following in Austin, TX where I met Keith and Michelle Norris.  Coming from Silicon Valley, I viewed the initial forays into offering Paleo nutrition and lifestyle clinics and workshops in boxes and gyms as way too limited.  I came up with an idea for a large scale event in Austin that would encompass all of the Paleo authors and thought leaders and operate on several stages over a succession of days.  I pitched Keith & Michelle on the idea for what  became the event Paleo f(x)™ .   With the help of a large cadre of volunteers we pulled off the impossible and ran the event during SXSW in 2012.  Following the initial years event, I decided to divest my interest to my partners to eliminate conflicts of interest and allow for other business ventures I planned to launch or invest in.  

In the fall of 2016, I joined the Board of FitFluential and also launched the highly successful health, wellness and longevity podcast FitFluential Radio with Co-Founder and CEO Kelly Olexa.  We co-hosted a show that interviewed thought leaders in health, wellness, fitness and longevity as well as a weekly review of the most important topics in these areas.  Having completed hundreds of guest interviews, the podcasts reception in the marketplace has been even stronger than we anticipated.  

In late spring of 2017, FitFluential decided to return to its heritage in terms of podcast content and focus.  We agreed to separate and I would launch the HealthCastNow podcast to include my guests and interviews previously recorded.  HealthCastNow was launched in June of 2017.

Currently, in addition to my role as host of the HealthCastNow podcast, I also run a successful Management Consulting business based in Austin, TX.